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Fear not though, RamRozi has made our complete podcast archive available here!

Episode #45: CozmiKast Holiday Special 2010


Featured Music, Etc.: Mr. Marcus & Ramrozi are back, after a short 3 year hiatus, with episode 45. Ramrozi has hearing issues and complains frequently about the audio, which turned out fine-ish.

Skype To The Rescue in a Blizzard

Episode #44: Storybook Pages


Featured Music, Etc.: Fresh out of the oven here at the Mind Mined Studio, artists in residence Blended Wood And The Clean Mint debut their first video “Storybook Pages”. Shot and starring Kai and Brit Dennett.

Episode #43: A Nearly Normal Formation


Featured Music, Etc.: live at Mind Mined Studio Zero with The Nearly Normal, “O Christmas Tree” by South of France, “Loving You, Impaired” and “Rolling Onto Memphis” by Pondering Judd.

Jamie, Eben, Mike, Kai, Brit and Jennifer from The Nearly Normal extended family stop in for some live jamming in the studio and

CozmiKast loves you, impaired or not.

Episode #42: The Blue Rose, Part 2


Another one from MARCH 21, 2007

Featured Music, Etc.: The second half of our RPM 2007 album, “The Blue Rose”.

produced by Michael Phillips at Mind Mined Studio Zero

Fuelery Box

midi programming – Michael Phillips


midi programming – Michael Phillips
drums, FX – Justin Hoxie
electric guitar – Marcus Del Greco

Groundhog’s Adventure

acoustic guitar – Jake Hayword
drums – Jamie Pageau
midi keyboard bass – Michael Phillips

Handel Me Jazzily

midi programming – Michael Phillips

Wake Up

midi programming – Michael Phillips

Bedtime Blues II

midi programming – Michael Phillips
electric guitar, drums, keyboards, vocal – Marcus Del Greco

magic organ, shaker, vocals – Mike and Tyler of The State Prison Light Show, and Marcus

Episode #41: The Blue Rose, Part 1


Featured Music, Etc.: Our RPM Challenge effort for 2007 “The Blue Rose”… the first half. We play the second half on the next episode.

RAMRozi Returns To The Studio. This episode recorded March 21, 2007.

produced by Michael Phillips at Mind Mined Studio Zero

The Blue Rose

midi programming – Michael Phillips
drums – Marcus Del Greco

Stainless Stainless Heart

acoustic guitar, drums, vocal – Marcus Del Greco
bass – Kirk Remignanti

Space Shoes

midi programming – Michael Phillips


acoustic guitar, drums, MIDI keyboard, vocal – Marcus Del Greco
bass – Kirk Remignanti


acoustic guitar – Jamie Pageau
midi programming – Michael Phillips
midi keyboard (bass and sax), vocals – Marcus Del Greco

Final Dance

midi programming – Michael Phillips


midi programming – Michael Phillips
piano – Christian Malo
FX – Justin Hoxie

Episode #40: A Clown, A Dog, A Cauliflower, An Asparagus


Featured Music, Etc.: “Maybellene”, “Broken” and “Slim” by Pondering Judd.

Tim Clark joins Marcus in the studio for a Robert Anton Wilson memorial episode. Thanks mightily to Tim for putting together an enhanced podcast version of this episode for those of you using iTunes.

Episode #39: No Substitute For Experience


Featured Music, Etc.: “You Better” and “Barely” by Leticia, and “Evil Twin” by The Lost Dimension.

Barely Barley!

In attendance for this show were: Dave Hamel, Don Keefe, Branden Morris and Brian Truenow.

Mr. Truenow would like to give credit to Leticia band members Dan Cooper (guitar) and Loren Weissman (drums) whose names he didn’t have on hand for the show, as well as Slaughterhouse Recording Studio run by Mark Alan Miller. Thanks Brian!

Episode #38: Name Pete’s Cat


Featured Music, Etc.: “Dream” by Sergei Novikov and “Abigail’s Tale” by Romantic Mammal.

Patagonian Dreams… including pics from Pete and Carlos’ trip to Patagonia some years ago, as well as pics from Pete’s trip to Bonaire. This second CozmiKast vidcast shot and edited by Skip Hirtle.

Episode #37: Our First Vidcast!


Featured Music, Etc.: “Scarbelly” by Ain’t and “Taste the Love” by almost Now.

Taste the Love. Skip Hirtle shoots and edits our very first vidcast. With studio guests “Ed Luvah” and “Agent Tina Slutknuckles”.

Please, don’t blame the host.