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Episode #7: Oneside Fits All


Featured Music: “Waste'” from Oneside and an as yet unknown song from Jamie Pageau and Maggie Woods.

Call-ins from DJ Darth Hucklebuck and Jamie Pageau. A shout is given to the bloggers in our News Feeds section: thanks to you all for syndicating your work.

Episode #6: Santa Come A Ringin’ Early


Featured Music: “Santa Come A Ringin'” from 2 Ft. Taxi.

The Hoxie and Del Greco families get together for a little Reality Radio and longing for Christmas with the help of an old 2 Ft. Taxi tune.

Episode #5: CozmiKast Hails A Cab


Featured Music: “The Rules” by 2 Ft. Taxi.

Justin Hoxie joins us for a look at the 2 Ft. Taxi project, with a call-in from Chris Feth.

Episode #4: DJ Darth Comes North


Featured Music: Mashups from DJ Darth Hucklebuck of Gwen Stefani vs. Marvin Gaye and Mike Doughty vs. Jay Z.

Episode #3: Where I Left It


Featured Music: “Where I Left It” by Cozmik Corkscrew.

Yours truly Marcus flies solo for the first time, complains about a shitty headset mic, and spins a newish CC tune. Short but sweet. Yeah, baby.

Episode #2: Roach Motel Blues w/The Rhythm Ship


Featured Music: “Tribute to Gary” by Roots of Creation (live from Mindfest 2005), “Castle Wall” by The 4th Kind, and “Addictions in Check” by 2 Ft. Taxi.

This episode boasts more wacky hijinks from the “exterminators” from The Rhythm Ship, a phone call from “Saul”, another from the SPLS’s Mike McGlone.

Episode #1: The Rhythm Ship


Featured Music: “Sword” and “Phil” by The Rhythm Ship.

Some of our inspirations for doing this podcast are Mark Yoshimoto Nemcoff
of Pacific Coast Hellway, and Dori and Val from More Hip Than Hippie.  Thanks to all those early podcasting pioneers out there who blazed the trail!

This episode we welcome The Rhythm Ship, our
perennial co-conspirators here at the Mind Mined Studio.  Hell,
they built the place. Also appearing on the show is Michael Phillips calling in from the Fag101 podcast.