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Episode #17: So, You Wanna Be The One?


Featured Music, Etc.: “Bringin’ The Bacon” by Vertical Leap and “Hungry For Crab” by Adam Has Crabs.

A call from the Ugly Side Of The River. More of the usual antics. Manny from the West Edge slides us a CD of his old band Vertical Leap, who rock. CozmiKast plays Voss Radio.

Episode #16: Driven To Distraction


Featured Music, Etc.: “Drive” by Primary Others and more poetic injustice from The Zucchini Patch.

Mystery Caller Turns Out To Be Trucker Named Brad? Call us back, brother, tell us your story! Always listening.

The happenstance of a driving theme in this episode is interesting. Start your engines.

Episode #15: Lions, and Tigers and MIDI, Oh My!


Featured Music, Etc.: RamRozi’s MIDI renditions of 1,000 Miles by Vanessa Carlton, “Difficult Transition” from Nunsense and “The Song That Goes Like This” from Spamelot Meets CozmiKast! RamRozi generously shares some of his MIDI creations and some details about the process. Jessica and Abby peak up from the Zucchini Patch once again.

The picture of Marcus’s torso you see here is a one-time glimpse, please no comments, it is hard enough going to the beach like this without getting teased by you, too.

This episode is so gay.

Episode #14: It’s Just So Silly To Believe In Yourself


Featured Music, Etc.: “A Different Tune” by Cozmik Corkscrew.

Poetry and Abby-humour from the Zucchini Patch; call-ins from a guy with a junkyard dog and RamRozi from; More Hip Than Hippie endorsement

If your podcast is kickin’ ass… it must be CozmiKast.

Episode #13: Innes Tolman Memory Moment


Featured Music, Etc.: “Outskirts” by The Rhythm Ship.

Jamie and Maggie carry the Cozmik torch once again.

Episode #12: Zucchini In the House


Featured Music: “Givin It All” by Funkfoot.

In this episode we debut Jessica’s Zucchini Patch segment and honor a call-in request from Funkfoot’s Ashley.

Episode #11: Hey, Where Are We?


Featured Music: “Open Mouth, Insert Foot” and “Fact of the Matter” by 2ft. Taxi.

Dj Darth Hucklebuck fills in for Marcus, who is “on assignment.”

Episode #10: I’m With Your Mom Right Now


Featured Music: “Good Times” by Groofus and Funkfoot Live at Mindfest 2005.

The Rhythm Ship join me again for another hijinks filled episode. Katie Mae from Groofus calls in. Ashley from Funkfoot calls in. Maggie and Nancy pet their pussies. Jokes are told, merriment is had by all.

Episode #9: Stop Me From Talking


Featured Music: “2 Hour Drive” by Th Rhythm Ship and “Look To The Light” by Juggling Biscuit.

I read my mother’s mix request list. Jamie Pageau calls in. Hulk Hogan starts off the show from a soundboard by DJ Darth Hucklebuck. I ramble. It’s getting bad. Please help me.

Episode #8: Substance Free


Featured Music: “The Whistler” by Birdface and “Desire” by Eduardo.

I touch on soundboards, a new thing that DJ Darth Hucklebuck introduced me to. Talked the usual trash. Jessica needs to come on the show and save me.

No mention is made of Halloween. I played a Christmas song a few episodes ago but no mention of Halloween when it’s right upon us. Damn it!! Focus, Marcus…