Featured Music, Etc.: “The Myth of Plastic Man” by Cozmik Corkscrew and “Donkey Door” by an early incarnation of The Rhythm Ship.

Who’s Got The Largest Arms In The World, Brother? This episode is courtesy of Dj Darth Hucklebuck and crew down on Cape Cod, Massachusetts, where shit goes down you don’t want to know about, trust me.

When DJ Darth and I met in the White House, it was oh, maybe 1973. Or ’74. Memory fails, but it was in better times, when I wasn’t dead, and when I had a halfway decent broadcasting voice.

These days we don’t get to hang out as often, but the miracle of technology brings me back from the dead and both of us back together in this podcast. Long live remix culture and fire at will syndication! Now, focus hard on David Hasselhoff and breathe deep…