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Episode #30: So You’re ACTUALLY Cool


Featured Music, Etc.: “Social Worker Blues” and “Let Them Rise” by T. Casey Brennan and Frankenhead, as well as a studio outtake of “Wanna Love Ya” by Kirk, Skip and Marcus.

We also made the unfortunate announcement that Mindfest 2006 is cancelled.

Wanna Love Ya

Episode #29: Mindfest 2006 Preview #3


Featured Music, Etc.: “3 Men In A Tub” by Roots of Creation, “Speak Out” by Primary Others, “Chainsmoke” by The Ron Noyes Band.

By the way, the 12th person to sign up on our CozmiKast Frappr map will not get RAMRozi after all– we lost track and are up to 16 people now. Wow. It blows my mind, dude. If you still want to try and claim RAMRozi’s body, go to

Special guest Kirk Remignanti.