Episode #36: 1 Year Anniversary of CozmiKast


Featured Music, Etc.: “The Best of CozmiKast” straight from our friends at Spinning Vortex Studios! Starring a broad cast of characters including: DJ Darth Hucklebuck (and various other Hucklebucks), Jessica Del Greco, Abby Del Greco, RAMrozi, Funkfoot, Steve Allen, Black Hoxie, CJ, Skip Hirtle, Kirk Remignanti, The Rhythm Ship, and Katie Mae

Produced by Spinning Vortex Studios (Hoxie and CJ) down on beautiful Cape Cod!!

CozmiKast is an uncensored, collaborative art project. Content may be hazardous to something or other.

The “best of” CozmiKast courtesy of DJ Darth!

Episode #35: Latin/African Homosexual Callout


Featured Music, Etc.: “Cheerios Kid” by Sykofant, “Ralph” by Oneside and “He Bought The Farm” by Marc Del Greco.

Ramrozi wants to talk to you.

Episode #34: Sheep Fiend Accessibility


Featured Music, Etc.: “Superstar” by Scott O. Moore, “Wasted Youth” by Deathkorpz, “You Have To Be Joking (Autopsy of a Devil’s Brain” by Jeremy Young, and the following recordings by The Sheep Fiends:

“White Man”

“I Love America”
“More Than Suicide”

Keep It Open, Keep It Free, and Turn It On

Special Guest Brian Cameron of The Sheep Fiends and Sun Microsystems.

It turns out we’ve released this episode on our 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY! That’s right, one year ago today we recorded our first episode with The Rhythm Ship (now available only on DVD data disc!).

Episode #33: One More McGlone


Featured Music, Etc.: “Cannibalistic Thoughts” by Sykofant and “Sax Fifth Avenue” by Teo Macero.

“On December 2nd, I’d Been Drinkin’…”

Mike McGlone and Skip Hirtle join Marcus in the studio for some light conversation and obscure music, including Sykofant which Mike perpetrated himself. Contrary to what we say in this show, we did not alas succeed in getting acceptable footage for our first vidcast. Tune in next time, we will not be daunted!

Episode #32: I Played My Horn


Featured Music, Etc.: “Prelude In G Minor”, selections from “The Sound of Music”, and “Semper Fi” from the Dover Community Band and the final track, “I Wake”, from the new almost Now CD, “The Wreckage”.

If you have a horn, get up and play it.

Episode #31: A Two Candle Night with Eric Joniec


Featured Music, Etc.: “Prelude to Failure/Rewind”, “Fade”, and “The Wreckage” by Almost Now.

Eric Joniec joins Marcus in the studio to announce his CD release party August 25th at the Dover Brickhouse.

Thanks Eric and Almost Now for giving us the DEBUT airing their new CD “The Wreckage”!

(That cricket… we have to kill that thing!!)

Episode #30: So You’re ACTUALLY Cool


Featured Music, Etc.: “Social Worker Blues” and “Let Them Rise” by T. Casey Brennan and Frankenhead, as well as a studio outtake of “Wanna Love Ya” by Kirk, Skip and Marcus.

We also made the unfortunate announcement that Mindfest 2006 is cancelled.

Wanna Love Ya

Episode #29: Mindfest 2006 Preview #3


Featured Music, Etc.: “3 Men In A Tub” by Roots of Creation, “Speak Out” by Primary Others, “Chainsmoke” by The Ron Noyes Band.

By the way, the 12th person to sign up on our CozmiKast Frappr map will not get RAMRozi after all– we lost track and are up to 16 people now. Wow. It blows my mind, dude. If you still want to try and claim RAMRozi’s body, go to Fag101.com.

Special guest Kirk Remignanti.

Episode #28: Funkfoot In The House


Featured Music, Etc.: “Schism”, “Git Down”, “Deal With It” and “Universal” by Funkfoot.

We tried once and the power went out, so we tried again. “That’s What Happens Here On CozmiKast.” RAMRozi guest hosts as Funkfoot takes over the studio to tell road stories and play some recent recordings.

Episode #27: HuckleKast, Power Out


Featured Music, Etc.: DJDarth and Justin Hoxie visit from Cape Cod for an electrically-challenged weekend at the studio. Only one mildly racist comment this time. DJ Darth was out of control on the soundboards and we loved it. Marcus still avoids the prescription drugs, barely.

Something About Mobius (title unknown) by Alex, Heartbreak Hotel (You Been Keepin’ Secrets?) by the FireWater Band, My Story by Inner Sanctum